nikookaran sharif charity


Nikookaran Sharif Charity Foundation started its activity in the fields of investment, trade, and charity institutes in 2014 by seeking Almighty God’s help and enjoying invaluable, rewarding experiences of the esteemed managing director “Mrs. Shiva Mohammadi Nik (PhD)” after obtaining legal and official permissions No. 1302.25607 from Tehran Metropolitan Police and from the Office for Registration of Companies and Trademarks under registration No. 33505.


In line with its motto «A Society without Poverty, a Healthier and More Prosperous Society» and in order to help the needy with a focus on supporting orphans as well as poorly supervised families and those with no provider, Nikookaran Sharif Charity Foundation has taken the following varied, appropriate measures after registration in January 2014:
A- Supporting orphans and poorly supervised women or those with no provider
B- Paying monthly pension to destitute people
C- Preparing dowry for destitute couples
D- Awarding scholarships to destitute students and scholars
E- Paying subvention to the students deprived of education
F- Helping to release the providers of families imprisoned due to unintentional offences
By seeking Almighty God’s help, Nikookaran Sharif Charity Foundation formulates its outlook as follows to improve optimization and attain its goals:
“Country’s top institute to promote the comprehensive excellence of the quality of life and health of the protected families”
Vision Goals:
A- Employing and enjoying a network of benefactors
B- Carrying out empowering plans to improve the protected families’ quality of life
C- Providing conditions for Islamic good traditions such as endowment, charity, alms, etc.

D- Establishing effective communications with state-run and private organizations, institutes, and entities

Our Addresses:

Nikookaran Sharif Charity Foundation has two offices including a Central Office and a Support Office
۱- Central Office: 2nd Floor – No. 358 – between Dr. Gahrib and North Jamalzadeh Streets – Keshavarz Blvd. Tehran
Tel No. 66919770 (15 lines) Fax No. 66919795
Inspection: 09199167212
۲- Support Office: 2nd Office Floor – No. 83 – between North Jamalzadeh and Vala’asr Streets – Enghelab Sq. – Tehran
Tel No. 66429252 – 66909100 Fax No. 66571160